A new home, a new blog

As I told you, me and my boyfriend finally got ourselves a new apartment! We're so happy and we cannot wait to start this new chapter. I've already been soaking up lots of interior inspiration (read: I spent way too many hours on Pinterest), and the coming weeks our schedules will be packed with interior shopping and the actual move.

We are not the only ones moving though... 

The coziest holiday knitwear

Next to dipping yourself in festive glitters and sequins, the holiday season is the time to wear cozy knits. Anything with cables, fair isle and intarsia patterns, snowflakes or even a slightly tacky red-nosed reindeer would do perfectly.

Hot or Not: Flared Pants

Images via Pinterest

Rumor has it that our beloved skinny jeans are about to retire, and will make place for their flared sister. Now I can only speak for myself, but I am pretty sure that the skinnies in my closet will stay there a little while longer, I simply can't imagine them being replaced by any other style.

Holiday gift guide

The holidays are right around the corner, which means a) food, b) more food and c) presents! A carefully picked gift for somebody close to you, or a small treat for yourself: Now's the time. I've made a little Holiday gift guide for you guys, with some personal favorites. There's more after the jump!